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World Class German Shepherd Breeder  - Importer
West German Sieger Lines
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Exceptional Quality German Shepherds for Sale

Obedience Trained German Shepherds



Protection Training

Schutzhund Trained German Shepherds

ROGER Protection Training V SchH 3 KKL 1a GERMAN IMPORT STUD From The ZWINGER VON HIMMEL Program. Contact Roger About Exceptional Quality German Shepherds for Sale. IMPORTS, Pups , Young Adults, Schutzhund Trained German Shepherds, Obedience Trained German Shepherds. Phone 207 843 5405.


Here at Zwinger Von Himmel Highline West German Shepherds are our passion. Our goal is to make this prestigious, unique animal available to approved clients all over the world. We maintain exceptional quality throughout our program. These bloodlines create a superb pet, show or work dog that equals the total German shepherd. The total German shepherd is functional with correct structure and pleasing to the eye.

Our German Shepherd Puppies are raised in the home and fed an all natural diet. In addition to the High Quality Human Grade Kibble, We also feed an all natural supplement along with boiled chicken, cooked ground beef, vegetables and various other nutritional ingredients. They are well socialized in a variety of situations before going to their new, approved homes. We require that all of our clients maintain contact with us for the life of the dog.

We are a small select breeder and German Shepherd Importers of Fine West German Show line German Shepherd Dogs. We don't have many average dogs, instead we have select high quality dogs in our program in Maine, USA and Germany as well. Our import program offers Exceptional German Shepherds. They are Direct son's and daughter's of Germany's Top SV Sieger rated sire's and dam's . These sire's and dam's have the highest credential's in the World and are proven by the strict German standards for show and work. They are breed surveyed ( KKL 1 ) ( recommended for breeding by german koer meister ), hip certified and DNA certified. Our dogs have excellent temperament, working ability, structure, pigmentation, movement, character and expression. We occasionally have Exceptional Quality German Working lines Available. The sire's and dam's have Top rated Structure and KKL 1. They have High ranking German BSP Schutzhund Sport Pedigree's, starting right in the First Generation and all the way back. ( as our show lines do ). Have a look at SELECT West German Work Line Dog's Click Here. Have a look at SELECT West German Show Line Dog's Click Here.

All the dogs in our program are raised in a very clean environment and are well socialized. They have seen many sights and heard many sounds before they go to their new homes. They also know the house, crate and the car.

We have a long and well established relationship with our partner and associates in Germany. This enables us to provide our clients with personal service and a continued relationship. We accommodate each clients specific needs and goals, from healthy well balanced companions to proven top competition show and schutzhund titled adults. We are available to guide our clients for the life of the dog with proper diet, training, breeding, stud service, grooming . . . . etc. We Guarantee that Our Clients receive their SV German Pedigree and we can arrange for the Bescheinigung ( Transfer Paper ) to be done in Germany for the AKC registration.

We also offer show handling in Germany ( Including the SV German Sieger Show ), Schutzhund training and Titles from BH, AD, SchH 1, SchH 2, SchH 3, KKL ( Breed Survey ), All done by our reliable, professional trainers in Germany. We Guarantee that your dog will be well trained and well taken care of on it's stay in Germany. We offer Stud service in Germany to Top VA and V ranked males. ( Note : Training and German Stud Service is Only Available to Our Clients ). We also offer Stud service in the USA to our German Sieger Rated V SchH 3 KKL 1a Male. He is Available to Approved Females Only. If you want to train your dog yourself, We offer the finest Schutzhund Equipment and soft, comfortable handcrafted german leather leashes and accessories. The products we offer are made to the highest standards and all the products are personally tested by us.

Breeding is a science and a responsibility. We are firm believers in quality not quantity. We select only top West German bloodlines, with proven success at work and in the confirmation ring. Our breeding stock is temperament tested with Schutzhund methods. All breeding stock hips have been x-rayed in Germany or the USA. USA (OFA) Germany ("a" normal). The bloodlines have been DNA certified. The registration of the SV (Vereine fur deutsche schaferhunde - Germany) are stringent and well thought out. The SV standards pay particular attention to only breeding dogs with no hip dysplasia (HD). We also offer custom importing from puppy with SV pink papers, untitled adult with pink papers and x-rays, titled competition dogs and select studs and bitches for select breeding programs.

The lineage to these dogs are proven producers in the sport of Schutzhund, search and rescue, show and confirmation ring, police, herding, protection, obedience and tracking. They are bred for temperament, health, superior intelligence and outstanding beauty.

Some people say, "We are just looking for a pet." I ask them, "Are you looking for an ugly dog of poor quality, questionable temperament, health and heritage?" I say to them, "Do you want something that resembles a German shepherd?" Or, "Are you looking for an excellent companion dog that will provide your family with years of enjoyment?" Our dogs will turn heads as you walk down the street, they are dogs that you can be proud of. These dogs are so smart and alert there might be times that you question your own intelligence. People will say, "WOW! Where did you get that German shepherd?" Why would you want a dog that will make people say, "Is that a German shepherd?"

Be sure our dogs are distinctive and everything a true German shepherd should be. They are natural watch dogs, guardians and protectors. Once you have lived with one of these special dogs, you will experience a unique personality as it soon grows into your family. The West German shepherds are bred to have working ability combined with high-line confirmation, that equals an intelligent dog that is healthy and pleasing to the eye.

We work hard at planning a litter and researching our pedigrees, the proof is in the bloodlines. All we have ever owned is German shepherds imported from Germany, we have been a strict follower of German shepherds for well over a decade. We like the West German Sieger-line shepherds best of all. We Schutzhund train as a hobby in a small group our dogs must be willing to work and please, otherwise it defeats the ethics of the working breed. A well bred German shepherd should be clear in the head, secure and stable, and a pleasure to live with in the house.

We thank you very much for choosing a Von Himmel GSD, be certain our number one concern is about the dogs well being and your satisfaction. Good luck with your high-line GSD. They are truly unique dogs indeed, with a personality to match. A superior quality dog of uncompromising character.


We assist beginner breeders in forming a breeding program out of world class West German bloodlines. We enjoy sharing our many years of knowledge with these special German shepherds because some beginners think that a German shepherd is a German shepherd, nothing could be further from the truth. There are several different levels in Europe, West German Sieger lines being the highest rated for the total German shepherd and the many variations of the lower end German shepherds that we know here in America. The AKC style German shepherd here in America is very different with structure, working ability, temperament and color as compared to the SV German, German shepherd style in Germany (remember that country Germany,where the German shepherd was originated ! ! ! ) . Website Award

Web Site Award

We are proud to present you with the award for great achievements in dog website information and resources. was selected for its excellence in German Shepherd information and/or breeding services and proves to be one of the top areas on the net for knowledge on this topic.

Congratulations from all the team, and we wish you all the best in the future.

J.Williams (CEO)

Congratulations On Winning The
'Finest German Shepherd Website' Award!

Dog Award is a leading resource on the web for many dog related issues and has over 40000 visitors per month (and growing), it is a well respected site and aims to make the canine presence on the web feel more like a community, involving smaller sites rather than letting corporate companies with big budgets take over the friendly feel of the dog community.

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